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At age thirty she realized something about herself: “I was never going to marry anyone with money, so I must make it myself.” She tried her hand at business and discovered a natural flair for sales, launching several successful furniture stores before meeting Rod Weeding, a tall, soft-spoken construction-company owner who loved horses just as much as she did.His fascination began at age three, watching the majestic beasts pull carts, ploughs and other machinery around his father’s farm.“There’s nothing else I can do,” Dudli von Dewitz says.It’s a life-or-death decision: amputate and give Faith a small chance of living or put her to sleep immediately.“Dorothea goes there and starts rubbing and scrubbing and basically all the flesh just falls away from the leg,” Sue Weeding says. You can imagine the reaction.” The rope had been wound so tightly around the pony’s leg that blood ceased to circulate, causing lacerations to run so deep that snow-white bone is now visible.Dudli von Dewitz believes the pony will die from infection within two days if left untreated. She cannot afford expensive treatments and doesn’t want a broken-down mare.“We had a little horse that was severely malnourished, obviously in shock…Whatever we were trying to do to save her caused another problem,” says Sue Weeding, a short, tanned woman with closely cropped blond hair and a distinct British twang to her voice.They refuse to give up, just like they fight to save the other sixty-plus horses, ponies and donkeys in their care. More so, I suppose, because they’re so needy,” Weeding continues, her eyes beginning to glisten with tears.

The woman, newly arrived to this quiet Spanish town, found the brown pony abandoned in the yard next door, entangled in a rope used to tie her to a tree.

Sue Weeding knows amputation is rarely attempted and often results in failure but she cannot give up on this pony, cannot choose death while knowing an unexplored, albeit risky, option exists.

“Well, all right, we’ll amputate then,” she declares.

No one’s ever done it in Spain.” * * * Sue Weeding’s stout-hearted approach to seemingly unsolvable problems stems from a rough childhood growing up in urban Norwich, in eastern England.

She quit school at fourteen and left home a year later, all but illiterate.

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The couple married in 1995 and later set up a livery yard for fifteen horses, before retiring and moving to Spain in 2001.