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The 20-year scheme may have cost Canadians millions in unpaid taxes, according to broadcaster CBC which spent two days analysing the documents with tax lawyers.Mr Kolber is Mr Bronfman's godfather and also has close ties to the Trudeaus, having been appointed to the Canadian senate by Justin Trudeau's father, Pierre.He is also a keen campaigner and founded the non-profit organisation Africa Rising in 2009 to aid the development of the continent.Ben Bronfman invests in green energy development and is a former guitarist for Indie band The Exit, when he went by the stage name Ben Brewer.A close friend of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who was instrumental in his rise to power was involved in moving millions of dollars into an offshore tax haven, it has been reported.Documents suggest Stephen Bronfman, the heir to the Seagram distillery fortune, used his family investment firm to move large sums of money to an offshore trust he helped manage for fellow businessman Leo Kolber.

Guests at the event, which was sponsored by London's luxury restaurant Annabels, were treated to several boxing matches in a bid to raise funds.Kweku Mandela put on a strong performance against U. environmentalist Ben Bronfman, but came out worse off when he had to leave the ring with an injured shoulder.Kweku was seen in obvious discomfort as he was wheeled away by medics following the bout.Kolber also served on the board of Seagram, among others.For many years he was the chief fundraiser of the Liberal Party, earning the nickname 'Bagman' for his efforts.

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Eugenie added a touch of glamour to the proceedings that were in aid of the fight against African elephant and rhino poaching.

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