Online dating site commercials for kids

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Online dating site commercials for kids

Second, does exposure to advertising result in consumption of products that are inimical to the health and well-being of children?For example, does advertising play a role in the overconsumption of candy and sugared cereals or in underage drinking of alcoholic beverages?

Nevertheless, concerns over advertising targeting children preceded both radio and television.The second essential cognitive task involved in a mature comprehension of advertising is the ability to recognize the persuasive intent of advertising and to apply that knowledge in the child’s understanding of the advertising message.In other words, mature persuasive intent comprehension involves not only the recognition that the advertiser has a perspective different from the viewer and that advertisers intend to persuade their audience to want to buy their products, but also that such persuasive communication is biased, and that biased messages must be interpreted differently than unbiased messages.First, does advertising affect children’s commercial recall and product preferences?If not, the billion spent annually by advertisers in commercial appeals to children would represent a surprisingly poor investment.

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The more fundamental concern regarding the effects of advertising on children relates to questions of potential harm resulting from exposure.

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