Online dating profiles to avoid

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Online dating profiles to avoid

Illicit, the UK’s leading dating website for married people and the leading authority on infidelity, studied over 400,000 profiles on their site to find what men and women were both looking for from their ideal partner, as well as how they described themselves.If you’re a woman, then the key words to include on your profile are “sexy”, “honest” and “confident” as 15%, 10% and 7% of men respectively are after these traits more so than anything else.There’s a lot of advice out there about how to write an online dating profile.

Just like you, women are interested in lovers who will give them pleasure, pay attention to their wants and needs and not just run their personal porn script on them when the lights go out.

The bottom line is you have to give a woman some details about who you are if you want to generate real attraction.

You don’t have to tell your life story or divulge deeply personal details.

I’m the Profile Diva and I’m here to give you a woman’s point of view on how you can improve your online dating experience and attract the women you want.

Before we get to the top three profile pitfalls, let me explain some general principles you may or may not know about women and online dating.

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I have read so many men’s profiles that are barely filled out or only have a few cheesy lines about what type of hot fun they’re looking for.

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