Online dating academic research writing

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Online dating academic research writing

Post-Web babies have no idea how tedious searching was before on-line bibliographies came along.I know this sounds like "walking ten miles through the snow to school," but it's true.

Only if your assignment forbids Internet searches - rare, but it might happen - are you barred.However, when you do a search on, say, Google, the address that comes up will be a long string of gobbledygook. That's a temporary search identifier created by Google and no two people will get that address.Also you have no guarantee that anyone who uses it will get through.You will have to obtain the actual URL of the site you're referring to and cite that. Nothing infuriates me more than to do a search, be directed to a page, only to find that the actual page I'm looking for is in an archive or several levels deeper.On the other hand, pages that link to a specific image rather than to a page that contains it are said to be "deep linked." That's considered a breach of Internet courtesy and can be a problem because it might tie up access to the page.

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If you want a good summary of plate tectonics or the Thirty Years War you can still find it faster in a good encyclopedia. You can hunt in the library, ask other people, or use a dowsing rod, Tarot cards or a Ouija board.

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