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Jadeworld online dating

"The general climate problems may have contributed to the Mayan collapse, but that isn't all that we need to consider," Inomata said.

"It may have been more complex than that." Copyright 2003, MSNBC ============ (2) CHANGES IN SUN'S INTENSITY TIED TO RECURRENT DROUGHTS IN MAYA REGION From CCNet, & Public Affairs University of Florida Contact Information: Mark Brenner, (352) 392-2231, [email protected]: Aaron Hoover, [email protected]: David Hodell, (352) 219-8873, [email protected] May 17, 2001 CHANGES IN SUN'S INTENSITY TIED TO RECURRENT DROUGHTS IN MAYA REGION GAINESVILLE, Fla.

"Then, all of a sudden, there were periods of nine, three and six years when there were very dry conditions." He said the populations were already stressed by a trend of sparse rainfall and the "exceptionally severe" periods were enough to cause the collapses.

Within this dry period, said Hughen, there were years of virtually no rainfall.

It was in those periods of extra dryness, he said, that the Mayan civilization went through a series of collapses before its final demise.

The civilization collapsed and many of the sites were abandoned early in the 800s.

They were later reoccupied for the Mayan classic period, only to collapse again, with some cities deserted in 860 and others in 910.

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-- The Maya were talented astronomers, religiously intense in their observations of the sun, moon and planets.