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After Google shared their code on Github, people start using it. I can see that people on reddit try to run this code as they discuss in Deepdream for non-programmers thread.It seems that at the moment noone found a simple solution to do it on Windows.

But this is yuge to me, like it should be front-page news.

When I'm tripping, maybe I fixate on dog faces, maybe on something else, maybe it shifts and bounces around so it's not a fixation at all. In dreams the world is simulated using not yet fully explored areas* of the brain, to replicate and prepare for future events.

Having spent some time exploring the inner workings of this simulator it's clearly way more advanced than just visual patterns and is serious about its job involving a good chunk of the brain as if one was awake and actually wandering around your high school naked on the day of the big test.

I don't know why, and I'm probably biased because drugs and AI are like 2 of my favorite things, but I just wish this was something the mainstream could have a conversation about.

And of course I can't help the situation because I talk all so again, thanks, Ari.

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