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Others insist Meghan was not even in Canada at that time, and that they first met at a dinner at Soho House in London in June 2016, introduced by Markus Anderson, a consultant for the private members’ club.He just happens to be one of Meghan’s ‘closest friends in the world’.Kind, sensitive, loyal, funny, clever, compassionate, socially aware . But, like Diana, this possible princess-in-waiting is not without her flaws.Those who have worked with her say she can be a diva (like most other successful TV actresses, no doubt).Her looks and talent apart, it has been suggested that Harry chose Meghan over more obvious potential wives (such as his former girlfriends Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas) because of character traits she shares with his mother.Mrs Ardakani strongly agrees, and, intriguingly, she reveals that young Meghan was actually a great admirer of the late Princess of Wales.

Many of LA’s state-run schools at the time were so unruly that armed security guards were needed to maintain order, so Meghan’s father, Thomas Senior, had broken the bank to educate her privately.Until then, as she wrote in an eloquent article for Elle magazine in 2015 about the challenges of being of mixed race, her heritage had blighted her career. It was only when she auditioned for Suits that being racially ‘undefinable’ was regarded as a virtue.Casting directors saw her as ‘ethnically ambiguous’, she said. The series, which premiered in 2011, was an instant success, and Meghan, hitherto never more than an attractive extra, suddenly found herself in the spotlight.In a blog she once described herself — one hopes with tongue in cheek — as a ‘saintly’ hippy.So how did this freewheeling young woman meet an HRH and capture his heart?

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Suzy’s mother, Sonia Ardakani, told me: ‘My daughter was totally distraught, as you can imagine.

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