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And yet, although her talons make no mark upon Time's adamantine brow, she shows no sign of faltering. Twin eagles hold her blazon ; like any eagle's is her rocky stronghold; and sometimes, as I contemplate it from the Vega, her pinions seem to rustle far aloft in the blue sky — ' Eagle ! To what sublime and star-ypaven home Floatest thou ? As we have seen, the two most prominent and most attractive are the Alcdzar and the cathedral ; but also full of interest are the churches of San Juan de los Reyes and Santa Marfa la Blanca; the smaller and semi-ruinous temple called the Cristo de la Luz ; the Castle of San Servando ; the Hospitals of Tavera and the Santa Cruz ; and the city gates or Puertas, del Sol, de Visagra, del Cambr6n, de Alcdntara, and de San Martfn. That of Don Rodrigo appears to have stood on 4 TOLEDO. Then there was the alcazar mahometano or Moorish Alcdzar, as well as the Palace of Montichel — this latter situated somewhere in the Quarter of San Crist6bal.

' Such is the question that springs into my heart ; and I have even imagined that I caught, almost in Shelley's words, the faintly echoing answer — ' I am the image of Toledo's spirit, Ascending heaven — ^her country doth inherit Her corpse below.' CONTENTS. A grisly reminiscence attaches to Montichel; for in it the ferocious wali Amru, who reigned about the opening of the ninth century, perpetrated the appalling massacre of the Toledan nobility which has become proverbial in the phrase una noche toledana — "a Toledan night." In return for some indignity, real or fancied, he invited the nobles to a banquet, and had them stabbed as they passed across the courtyard, throwing the bodies into a ditch.

The palace, however, once the luxurious Visigothic and Moslem dynasties had passed away, grew quite subordinate to the strong- hold; the fierce belligerent kings of Castile, from Alfonso "the Battler" onward, paid infinitely more attention to the solidness and thickness of the masonry than to the ornamentation or comfort of their apartments, and further defensive works on 6 TOLEDO.

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You can search through the full text of this book on the web at |http : //books . com/| KC s^o^ ¥m ^ublir Cibrarg Circulation Department , ^ f / TOLEDO AND MADRID \ . There are positively Madrilenos — as the natives of Madrid are called — ^who deem it no disgrace to ride in motor-cars or play football. Toledo, on the other hand, is constant to the Roman, the Visigoth, and the Moslem. How many, in these days, possess the courage or the faith to do the same ? Pedro the Armourer, and the Legend of the Cristo de la Vega 95 Ig ADRID. Their darkness, even at midday and in the brightest of weather, is intense, for the sides almost meet. In fact, the generations of buildings may fairly be said to have kept abreast of the generations of their occupants.

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