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Cegos surdos e loucos legendado online dating

This seems impossible to us now in the same way that all our modern scientific achievements would have seemed impossible to a stone age human — but the possibility is real.

For it to be otherwise would require that there is some mysterious metaphysical ceiling on qualitative intelligence that miraculously exists at just above the human level.

The human brain is an extremely fine-tuned and calibrated machine.

Most perturbations to this tuning qualify as what we would consider "crazy." There are many different types of insanity, far more than there are types of sanity.

As a species, we’ve been amplifying our brains for millennia. Looking to overcome our cognitive limitations, humans have employed everything from writing, language, and meditative techniques straight through to today’s nootropics. Unlike efforts to develop artificial general intelligence (AGI), or even an artificial superintelligence (SAI), the human brain already presents us with a pre-existing intelligence to work with.

Radically extending the abilities of a pre-existing human mind — whether it be through genetics, cybernetics or the integration of external devices — could result in something quite similar to how we envision advanced AI.

There could be a clean "empathy break" that leads to psychopathy.

From the inside, insanity seems perfectly sane, so we'd probably have a lot of trouble convincing these people they are insane.

Even in the case of perfect sanity, side effects might include seizures, information overload, and possibly feelings of egomania or extreme alienation.

The end result would be cognitive super-Mc Gyvers, people who perform apparently impossible intellectual feats.

For instance, mind controlling other people, beating the stock market, or designing inventions that change the world almost overnight.

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The next step will be to develop brain-computer interfaces that augment the visual cortex, the best-understood part of the brain.